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This social community site is in support of e-learning which publishes books, provides tutorials and downloadable templates for e-learning. Though some of the content/community conversations do relate to the Articulate software, the books and templates can be used across the e-learning space. All that is needed is an account (which is free).

e-learning Brothers

Free e-learning templates and assets for download.


Create animated videos and presentations for free.

Information on web accessibility, and section 508.

Adobe Color CC

Interactive color wheel to didcover color codes to use across Adobe applications.

e-learning Industry

Quick tips about design and instruction on the elearning industry website. It discusses current trends in eLearning, provides a lot of useful advice and has a wide variety of topics that you can explore.


Social magazine, download and subscribe to Instructional Design, e-learning, technology and more. You can search for any topic to subscribe.


Gravit is a free online design tool to create graphics.

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